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 How do we exactly work our business part time and succeed?

That is a question I asked myself when I first started my business. I was indeed a jack of all trades and master of none because I did not utilise my time appropriatey.

Time Management is something that many people talk about, but what is it really? Management or utilization?  I like to think it is the later. We ALL have 168 hrs a week whether you are the President of the US,  Queen of United Kingdom or the Jo Blogs  down the road.

Time is money and if you utilize it properly it will yield that extra income you want.

How do we utilize time appropriately ? I must say your day must begin the night before. There are 3 things one should know about this

1. Planning

2. Execution 


The night before you plan what you will do the next day and how much time it will take. List all the things that you want to do. I would narrow it down to the SIX MOST IMPORTANT things to do. Check what you need to execute the tasks and what you can delegate.

Remember the most important one comes first.Manage the tasks as if your life depends on it and that is the only attitude I recommend in your execution. You get more out of yourself when you do this. Evaluate at the end of the day what you have accomplished and if there are any tasks left from that day make them a priority the next day. Find out why you did not complete the tasks as it helps you plan for the next day.

Cut out meaningless chit-chats in your day as this is the biggest downfall for many people. Embrace positive contributions and criticisms.

Stay focused on your goals.