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When we think about starting an online business it can be daunting finding the right business to get involved in. If you were to start from scratch you would need a lot of work before you even start. There is the time consuming research, business plan with projections, the finances, the product and the systems that you will need.


If you are a newbie like I was then the best way to start is by getting involved with an established business with the business plan ready made for you, the systems are there for your use and it is means tested. This takes away all the headaches of overheads, premises and location for you. This is what you call low cost both in time commitments and financial.


The only things you have to worry about is putting the systems in place into action. This is as simple as A to Z.


The risk involved in starting an online home business is lower than investing in a store or product that you have made yourself. You work from home or anywhere as long as you have a computer and internet connection. You reach more potential customers from all over the world without leaving your home. You can connect with people with the same interest on social media without cold calling.


There are 3 businesses that will always thrive and beauty is one of them. Men and Women will always want to look good no matter what their personal situation is. Further more society nowadays are driven to look good. That is why a business in beauty is the best business you can have.


When I started my business I did not know much about beauty but it was an exciting opportunity to learn something new and and connect with people from all walks. I am proud to say that I have learnt a lot and excelled in what was once a daunting prospect.


So what are the advantages of starting a low cost Home Business like the one I run?


1. The investment risk is minimal


2. You can work from Home whatever your definition of Home is.


3. No cold calling


4.You have access to the systems already in place.


5. You learn new skills


6. Access to free coaching